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Chief Officer

What do you love about working for DASH?

I love getting the right outcomes for clients and securing them the benefits that they are entitled to, which helps them become truly independent. There are a lot of people that wouldn’t get their full benefit entitlement without our help and support and I get a great sense of achievement ensuring that people obtain what they are entitled to.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I have four dogs – and I love spending as much time with them as possible.

Tell me a bit more about some of the people you’ve helped?

I’ve supported a lot of young people and it’s very rewarding to see them develop and become more independent. DASH really does have long term relationships with the people that we support, and we never stop supporting them, they’re always welcome to (and they do) keep coming back to us. DASH is a really important part of the community and I’m proud to be part of it.



Transitions Officer

I love seeing the people we support achieving their goals and being the best person they want to be. I really like to see people improve over a long period of time – some of the people we support start by attending one or two of our sessions and then before long they lead their own activities and get involved helping out our work. 

What I love about DASH: Seeing how much the charity has grown over time. We started by only doing a couple of sessions per week and now we have a full timetable for the whole day, all week, offering a wide range of activities. People love attending them.



Direct Payments Support Worker

I support clients that need help with care and the paperwork associated with finding someone to help them with their needs. Some of our clients need extra support to fill out paperwork and I assist them. I love helping people, it’s really rewarding and helps them become independent which is what they deserve.

Why I love DASH: I supported a client that had Multiple Sclerosis, she was housebound and really needed a wheelchair. When I met her, she was really down and didn’t have any support. We managed to secure her funding for a wheelchair and helped with her psychological wellbeing which meant she got listened to and managed to claim some independence which made her so much happier. It was really rewarding.



Welfare Benefits Advisor

What do you love about DASH?

I enjoy interacting with a variety of people , hearing their story and supporting them through what can be a difficult and traumatic time.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself?

I have supported Reading Football Club for the past 21 years, and I still don't know why!

Whats special about working here?

Each day is different, working in a team of people who all share the same goal is very rewarding. There is always lots of variety and the day passes very quickly.

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Advice and Advocacy Project Worker

When we get good results for our clients and rewarding successes, and seeing the difference it makes to people. When I was supporting someone for an ESA appeal, I discovered that they'd not been assessed for a form of support that they were definitely entitled to and they didn't even know the support could be available. 

They were then approved for the additional support and it made a massive difference to their livelihood and they were so grateful. It's people like that which are really special and it's why I love DASH.



Activity Leader



Activity Leader



Volunteer Co-ordinator

What do you love about DASH? I love that everyone is individual. It gives me so much joy seeing everyone happy and enjoying themselves. A big family to support and help wherever possible to enable people to achieve their full potential. 

What do you do at DASH? I am the new Volunteer Coordinator. I have focused the last three months bringing new faces into DASH. With their help we can offer enriching sessions with lots more support. I have also been involved in local events and hope to build more connections with the local community and organisations.  



Advice Project Worker

I am an advice worker, so I help people with PIP forms, ESA forms, appeals, face to face and universal credit.

I love it when the people that we are supporting get the right outcome, so it helps them have a more fulfilling life.

I had one lady, she was refused PiP, she was housebound for over a year because she didn’t have the money to leave the house and couldn’t walk anyway. At appeal, she was awarded the enhanced rate and could go to church meetings, events, out with her husband, holistic events outside, and could join groups and build a social life. It gave her a massive increase in her quality of life.

I also like the people I work with aswell, there’s a great camaraderie about here and I can always ask someone; we’re a hard working team working together.

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Finance and Admin Officer

How long have you worked at DASH for?

I have worked for DASH for just under ten years.

What do you enjoy about working at DASH?

I love working for DASH, as I enjoy helping people with all types of disabilities.

Have you got an example of someone you supported?

When people contact DASH to discuss the support available to them, I am their first port of call. I really enjoy speaking to people for the first time, making them feel welcome and seeing how they then progress through DASH to getting the support they need.

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Olivia Bolger

Fundraising and Business Development Officer




Well-being Support Coordinator


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