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Personal Budget Support

People who are using a Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget to arrange their own care and support may need advice and support to do this. DASH are the only local organisation on the approved providers list given by Hillingdon Council to help you with this.

We can support you with:


Employing A Named Personal Assistant

Ongoing Support To Employ A Personal Assistant

A Managed Account

DBS Check

The cost of each of these services will be paid using your Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget, however prior approval from the council is required. The cost for these services are as follows:

Employ a named personal assistant - £300 (10 hours set up support)

                                                             £30 per hour for additional support

Ongoing support to employ a PA      - £30 per hour

Managed Account                             - £225 per year

DBS Check                                         - £75 per check

To find out more information about this please call the office on 020 8848 8319 and speak to the Personal Budgets Department.

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